Hook up at a house party

How to get laid at a party – Why Most Men Fail!

If you walk away, that's giving another guy the opportunity to move in. Your plan would work if there's not many guys there, but if there's competition, don't let her go. Got to just keep her interested, and like the other dude said, isolation.

Get her to trust you, relate with her on some things, then try to get her out of there. If she won't be alone with you, then its hard to hook up. If you can get her alone, then you have to just go for it.

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I always like to go for the massage trick. Maybe cheesy, but works well.

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Joke about how good you are at massages. You have to be funny.

Hooked up with girl at a house party?

If she shows interest, say, let me show you, and massage her shoulders. Once you are there, you can eventually wander your hands around. If she rejects you, its usually in a playful way, and you can play it off as an accident, or say she didn't specify boundries. If she doesn't stop you, slowly wander more and more.

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Eventually your feeling her up. If she's still good, turn her around and initiate kiss. No way will she reject you at this point. Originally Posted by Hoochzilla. Originally Posted by MCarynD.

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Usually girls don't pay any attention to you if they're not interested, but when you do go only pick girls to try to talk to because if you start trying to talk to all of them- like one after the other if the last one turned you down, then you just look like a dick who has no game. The only equation for a successful relationship. Lying takes too much effort to keep track of.

Start grinding or dancing whatever 2. So be polite, wipe your feet, say thank you.

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Then maybe later you can do sex. Dance when a song comes on. But they were sad!! Women get hit on a lot.

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It can get bloody exhausting. Say it was nice to meet you, and go talk to someone else. Hooked up wit a girl at a party should i call or text back? Im a 14 year old boy, i asked 5 girls to hook up with me and 4 say yes, there is a party in my house friday? Answer Questions Alguna chica de ecuador?

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