Polish dating etiquette

Handshake is always acceptable — and it is a safe option. Another touch-free option for greeting women is just to say hi, smile and nod. And a note to wannabe-handkissers: This is an ultra no-no. YOU have to bend.

This seems logistically impossible: I recommend insisting on paying from time to time. Pinolona, congratulations on getting this post finished! From now on they will just flow out like a gushing fountain of brilliance. I always thought the hand kissing was reserved for older I suppose 50ish women?

Personally, I always go straight for the French kissing routine no matter what the age! I do this but it has its complications. So, I tend to calculate what is going to be the best sequence for the lady and then go with that. I find doortiquette is most rigorously observed in lifts.

The Foreigner’s guide to Polish Chivalry

Getting into a car. I have seen this happening but it is not common. I partake roughly every 50th car door just to surprise my wife. The bill, in my case is a moot point. In every other case I am paying irrespective of who is actually making payment! Place yourself in front of the coat held by a lucky bloke. Turn your body not just the upper body!

A guide to Polish dating for foreigners

The choice is entirely up to you. Slide one arm the one that is closer to the coat into the sleeve. Make sure your arm is safely in. Lift your arm the one that is NOT in a sleeve , bend it slightly to facilitate the process of sliding it into the remaining free sleeve. However, the one holding the coat must know what he is doing. He has to hold the coat a bit low, so you can easily put your hands into sleeves, and only then move it up and close it around your neck.

What do Polish girls in Warsaw & Krakow think of foreign guys?

Otherwise, it is easy to make from it an improvised straightjacket. I am so glad that my wife has no truck with any of that foolishness. We both do stuff for each other like holding open doors, offering to carry stuff for the other person, etc. For other girls, I hold open doors.

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Oh and the kissing: The only thing I and I think a lot of guys here end up doing quite a lot of is driving. Out of the… including my wife and her mother … err… 14 women I know fairly well, three own a car and four more know how to drive but someone else usually does the driving for them. I find that very strange. I stand up for old men and women. About the kissing thing — I tend to assume from experience in France and Italy mostly that anyone foreign expects a higher degree of physical contact than the Brits.

So I go in for the kiss every time.

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Sometimes two or three. I think I managed the left hand drive pretty well, all things considered….

How to Treat a Polish Woman On a First Date?

By the way, an account of our recent meeting is now up — http: Pinolona is really beautyful she looks like 21 ; , but why does she have dark hair and not blonde like in her avatar? Maybe you met the wrong Pinolona, Scatts? I do expect men to let me go first through the door and open the car door for me. I frequently see all kinds of doors being held or opened for me. My coat is, most often, put on my shoulders — it is very convenient, really. When on a tram, I offer my seat to pregnant women, women with children and any woman who looks slightly older than me, just in case.

I even offer my seat to men.

Polish Dating Rituals

I hope one day someone will be kind enough to do the same for me once I have turned into a real babcia, of course. It makes sense not to make a fuss about things like doors and car doors. If someone offers to pay, then I say yes, gratefully and with a great deal of embarrassment. Ultimately one takes the most practical approach to the whole thing walk through the damn door already.

Incidentally, talking with other British female acquaintances we generally conclude that Polish men being more polite than British ones is Not a Bad Thing. But one thing nobody seems to have mentioned is something that I — being a man expected to open doors for women — have a problem with. In order to hold it open you have to stand in the doorway and hold your arm across the width of the entire door.

Then you have to squeeze up against the doorframe to let the lady through. This is especially difficult when the door is on a strong spring. Regarding my wife, I ensured we lived in the UK for 5 years before moving to Poland to rid of her of such notions! The problem is when to vacate your seat, and who to target as being a viable and suitable candidate? My offer has been declined in the past by the babcias and dziadkas mentioned above, creating a rather awkward situation.

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Do you then sit-down again?! I always assume not and wander off down the tram…. I have to say I find the hand-kissing all abit odd. Do you only do it after a certain age? My father-in-law does it to my mother, always causing much embarrasment and amusement! Yellerbelly raises an interesting point. In other words its seems quaint and old-fashioned not inherently weird as, say, rubbing noses like an eskimo might be. Poland is just very woman friendly and conservative. If I were a woman I would for example never move to southern europe.

In southern europe the women are respected as long as the are young and attractive. No one gives a damn about women really. About how they live. What about women suffering violence at home, does anyone bother to be chivalric and interfere? Women are invisible in Polish system.

Dating Etiquette of Polish men to follow

But if we can pretend to be respectful and kiss a hand here and there then we do. Oh how chivalric those Poles are. Pretentious, fake and full of hypocrisy, like most things in Poland. No way can he be an example of hypocrisy.