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Offering the traditional multiplayer experience, Zombies, and Blackout — its own battle royale mode — Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 hopes to meet and exceed fan expectations. But how does it stack up? That was a major talking point among longtime fans. A quick glance at past Call of Duty games will tell you why the move was made.

While other titles in the Call of Duty franchise had their fair share of the player base who took their time to complete the story, Black Ops 3 only had a handful of players who bothered. The storyline, in a sense, was perhaps no longer a priority among players.

How to improve matchmaking in Black ops 4?

That, or the high point of the narrative and storytelling died with Sgt. So Treyarch opted to focus on the multiplayer aspect, hoping that the four modes that Black Ops 4 has — Traditional Multiplayer, Zombies, Blackout battle royale, and Specialist HQ — would be enough to assuage the worries of its players. The battle royale genre started out as a fad before becoming a multimillion dollar part of the industry.

Bad Blood upstart, there were always calls for tweaks and fixes.

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Enter Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with Blackout mode. I can honestly say that it stands head and shoulders above other games in the battle royale genre. Forget long queue times just to get a hundred players or spending ten minutes running around the map.

Black Ops 4 PC Did they keep their promises?

In Blackout, you get near-nonstop action and gunfights with a little bit of respite in between. In fact, combat is so astoundingly fast-paced that half of the players in a match would be dead by the time the first collapse happens.

No Single-Player Campaign? No Worries

Mobility and getting around is a breeze. You can even deploy your Wingsuit and glide from one end of the map to the other almost.

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There are some issues with this mode, however. First and foremost is the exploit that allows players to peek around corners and walls using gestures or emotes.

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Another which has remained a constant bane for online multiplayer are cheaters. Take a look at this post from Reddit user Chocopiehd who got aimbotted to oblivion during a Blackout match. That post got a bit of traction, which then led to a reply from Treyarch representatives on Reddit. The offender did get banned, but we have to ask: Another is the audio, which can be inconsistent every now and then.

Like many other battle royale games, Blackout does not give you an indicator of where a shooter is coming from unless you used a sensor. This means you need to guess based on audio cues. Right now your connection has to find the nearest server and my bet is you are either hitting a European server which likely isn't in your country, or an oceanic server which will cause similar issues, and finally a US server which is going to fuck you over and there's nothing we can do to change that unless one of us invents new technology.

Look for terms like this "including Geo-filtering—which allows a radius to be set " this is a router feature that can help find the closest servers to you. But again your mileage may very in India as you are likely connecting outside your country and that's a long distance it has to travel, and the route it may take could have it's own issues. Nov 2, 3. SaltSlasher , Nov 2, Nov 2, 4. Mig , Nov 2, Nov 2, 5. View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by BlackMango:.

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Spartacus View Profile View Posts. It takes hours to search and find a server. Jojo View Profile View Posts. So maybe they might never fix it unless we all start complaining together. I'm from Brazil we have servers here but same issue. Well then they really really really should be working on it