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We're not going to say that you're going to meet anyone on HookupHangout. The site overall was fine but just like other sites I've been on, they had a very limited amount of members that were close to my location within 50 miles. The worst part of this site is that they make it very difficult to cancel your membership. Other sites all you have to do is contact them and tell them you want to cancel your membership.

Hookuphangout makes you sign a form that then has to be faxed to them! What a freaking joke! I would recommend that people stay away from this site just because of that.

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Yes, it isn't free, but at least unlike many other sites they have plenty of real women there. We've investigated all three of those websites and we've concluded they're total […]. Says the review reports of scammer when you report,,,they don't do crap about it.

Then let alone try to cancel service.. Site has place to cancel service…. Finally had to report to my Credit card company as fraud to stop them. Definetly a SCAM, just read terms and conditions point 3 , they say that you accept the fact that they create fake computer gererated profiles that will msg you. In adition the procedure to cancel suscription is just a joke… because you can't purchase just a moth, you will be charged monthy forever.

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This article points that didn't receive messages.. LOL… i received something like 10 msgs without even upload a picture. I have been a member for 36 hours or so… I do not work for HH or any dating website…. I posted 5 photos of myself dressed on HH, in a bathing suit, bare chested, exercising, but no nudity…. Same problem for letters received……Even messages you actually sent, will not be found there………….

You will wind up sending messages to the same people……. You will think you have sent messages, but they were not sent…. They do not register as sent…….

HookupHangout.com Review: We Tell You The Truth About HookupHangout.com

My Inbox on Friday morning says that I have 85 letters……When i became a paid member, after using my credit card, I had ………Where did the other 75 letters go? It is not user friendly……….. There are practically ZERO active members……. I have received s of letters in my inbox…….

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They are mostly from Europe……Women winking at me, wanting my skype or email address……….. HH also claims that if you pay extra on top of the GOLD membership, you will then be able to contact non paying members…………This is a lie, and HH staff have admitted this to me when i questioned them about it on the phone……. Based on my 36 hour experience, the entire website is a non existent scam. Everything is defective or non existent……. It is that bad…. If you have any doubts, you can call me at …..

Im paid thru October 31st, unfortunately……. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. April 13, at 7: Ive met a couple of girls, had some webcam chats, basically had a lot of fun on hookuphangout so far and hoping it will continue. The least I could do was leave a review,. Hope it helps anyone who cant decide if its worth it it is!

I've been using HH for around 5 months now and after a bit of a slow start things started happening around month 3 for me. I've got something regular going most weekends at this point, mainly thanks to the site. Still use it for the quiet weekends, sometimes you get some, sometimes you dont. But no doubt this site was worth the time and effort, not expensive either, would def recommend. As a millennial I basically pay for and trust very little nothing when it comes to the net. So can you imagine what it took for me to stump up the dollars required to get three months on hookup hangout?

It took A LOT of persuasion essentially me listening to my college classmate Gary telling me I wouldnt regret it for several freaking months. Anyway, long story short, yes I got laid thanks to the site. Would it have happened if I had just stuck to bars? But im already broke so bars and parties are just not something I can do every weekend anymore.

A few bucks on a site like this makes a lot more sense. Just took the six month deal I'm not saying its the best cos ive only tried a few so not qualified to say that but its gotta be up there you send a few messages and then after a while you start getting replies and its happy days I know a few people who have gotten laid on this site so reckon its only a matter of time for me fingers crossed ha. Cant deny it takes effort but at least its worth it unlike a lot of other sites. Not to expensive for what you get.

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  6. Dont usually leave reviews for stuff but feel like I should here as I got a bj in the cinema from a dirty student slapper last night and feel like I owe the site some credit as I was cursing it for being crap after two weeks and now things are freaking crazy! Stick with it folks, just takes a bit of time. Finding this site to be really good, champion. Us Geordies are well known for being a bit loose ya know especially the lassies so no real surprise that a internet company that gets people together just for sex would have success in Geordieland hahaha!

    Wasnt sure wot 2 xpect but overall its bn pretty gd.

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    Much prefer a have a chance gettin laid than watchin other peeps screwin. Am luvin it so far. Has all kinds of single chicks, milfs, gilfs, bbw fatties, hotties, cuties and dirties. Best to use more than one site though obvs because it all depends on location which will work best, but for me ill be using this as my main hook up site for the foreseeable future! I was reading the comments via this site and I believe that the people who posted on here are employees or the Owner s. The pictures that show you have a lot of individuals in the area you reside are actually of the same individuals.

    Meaning, you look at one profile and they may have 5 or 6 pictures. They use those same pictures and they are represented as other individuals. I must admit that was very smart; yet, when you are forced to pay as much and find out that you only have 5 people in your region and they show up in other regions as well with another name. That tells the story right there. I requested to have my account closed and to be refunded.

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    As it was only 1. Don't until they can let you see individuals in your region and the last time that this person or individuals were actually on the site and not just putting up fake timestamps either. I will take a snap of what I am talking about without showing their pics for legal purposes. Well, it will not let me upload as it states it has to be x I don't know how to get it to be that.

    If you're a sex mad perv like me you aint gonna be disappointed with HH. I'd put it right up there with the better known hookup sites and for my district Milwaukee it's the best thing going and has A LOT of profiles on there.