Mark and kimberly dating

Her dream since childhood was to become an actress, and she has endured many struggles to enter the industry, and to get to where she is right now. Kim is known as a sweet, vibrant and bold young actress. Now she's taking BA of Arts. Wai Jai Dai Kah? Forum Actors Actress About. Retrieved from " https: Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Mark and Mint: What was that all about?

Mark himself doesn't have an answer. If you continue to listen to the rumor, you will be running in a circle. SonYukView4ever , Jul 1, This boy is too bland when reports ask him about his relationship status.

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But the most recent, which was today, he said that he would like to focus on his work more than the ladies. Something of "Taking a break from the ladies". Lol this boy is funny. Actually, he said he was single too along with just focusing on work.

I think he did the right thing to say that because why is the f--king media always so nosy about his life. Thai media is really f--ked up along with nosy people!

Someday out there: Mark Prin Again

They have no respect for privacy! So low and fake!

Lol I loved P'Mark's "Yung mai job? I would say the same thing if they would bombard me with questions of my personal life. He answered this time, clearly, and they just keep repeating the question by rephrasing the question.

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I guess that's the paparazi's job. To invade a person's personal and private life to get personal information from them. Good thing they don't put secret hidden cameras in their rooms. I think they can get in trouble for that though right? In recent interview, Vill also said that her and Mark are still close friend but there is less contact than before.


She's so busy with her work but that doesn't mean they are distant. However, she can't answer about their replationship in the future. So, he's still single. He's tired of being asked the same question over and over again. But the way he answered was funny That's why I love him. SeiRight , Jul 2, Yup, agree with all you guys!!!

Mark-Kim World

P'Mark says he is single and wanted to focus on work not time to thing about it. I just figure out that during his highschool year he has a crush on a highschool student called something but he didn't tell her??? And rumors said that he has a tatoo somewhere for his ex not sure if this is true????

Chalidaluvprin , Jul 13, I'm also confuses with Mark too. First I thought it was Mint.