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Keys dating back to pre, for example, are a lot more in demand than keys dating back to the early twentieth century - and there are far fewer of them. Replica antique keys will very rarely feel as heavy as genuine antique keys as they are usually made of aluminium.

The aged patina on the surface of the key may also appear too even in colour and tone. Age, condition, detailing, rarity, weight, shape and size are all key considerations.

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Sign up for all the latest collecting news, expert blogs and auction lots from around the world. All activity on JustCollecting is rewarded with exclusive points which can be used to spend on amazing products, special discounts and entry into monthly competitions. The most coveted type of antique key is the historic, ornate, skeleton key. Background It is generally agreed that the key and lock were invented in ancient Egypt and China simultaneously, in around BC.

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How to identify antique keys Compared to other collectibles, antique keys are fairly easy to get hold of and can often be found in charity and thrift stores, and at car-boot and garage sales, as well as in antique shops, auctions, and on-line. Identification Antique barrel keys have a short, hollow shaft and a rounded edge. Hollow barrel keys will weigh significantly less than antique skeleton keys, which are made of solid metal. The bow of an antique skeleton key will often be elaborately decorated. An antique skeleton key will be able to open most antique locks - skeleton keys are, of course, known for this function.

Collector's guide Typically, the older and more finely embellished a key is, the rarer it will be, and therefore the more valuable. Great Reproduction, with lots of details.


Antique, iron, chateau key for gate or door. This is a mortised flush antique door bolt. Brass face plate- 6" x 1"- old paint- slight bend. They will not get any cheaper. Very good used condition- normal wear from use and cleaning. Chamber Skeleton 3 Key Ring. Rustic keys, ready to use in any room. Ready to use in any room.

The lock does not have a key or keeper. The lock is in very good aged condition.

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Marked on the cast iron case. Offered as found and uncleaned.

Listing is for one lock, the one shown in images There are three matching units available, See image 5. Additional matching hardware available. Check my other listings. Additional pictures and measurements available upon request. Please ask all questions prior to bidding.

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No returns accepted at this time. Please check my other listings for additional unique offerings. Perfect for a closet, bath or passage door where a keyed lock is not required. Very well crafted and very heavy duty. Both pieces are original. The latch was stripped of paint remnants and the primitive iron gives it a neat charming beauty.

The knob is solid cast brass. Sargent Company antique latches in non-restored condition.

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  4. Casting back marked Sargent Co. Please view all photos before buying. It was cleaned when we received it, looks to be the original paint, perfect for a closet lock or passage door where a knob may not be rt required. Althouhg very small, this piece is very well crafted and very heavy duty. Amazing condition with original key. Heavy cast iron with 6" long brass key. Very nice ornate cast iron Victorian slide bolt door latch with brass knob in excellent condition.

    They are old original keys in wrought iron. There are of different sizes and beautiful designs. Door and window hardware. The lock set is complete with brass knobs, cast brass plates, cylinder lock with 2 keys, strike plate, and mounting hardware. These can be used for garden art, punk art, or any other idea you may have.

    Let your imagination roam freely with what you can do with these mortises. Lock is reversible, has a.

    Slide lock works fine. Use it with this industrial look or spray paint it any color you like to fit with your decor. This is a nice heavy duty latch. It would be great for a barn or a house door. An old rustic set of screws is included. It is lockable with the flip up lever that prevents the latch bar from lifting. One has two dolphins. We do our best to describe any flaws or repairs.

    We are not experts in every area. A very unusual cast iron rim lock that when you turn the knob the latch bar lifts up. The lock is reversible and has a privacy latch that prevents the bar from lifting. You can change the hand by rotating the latch bar for right or left hand applications so the bar remains level small nub on the bottom of the bar holds it level. Latch has been thoroughly cleaned and heat treated with a nontoxic oil to retard any rusting. Cast iron slide bolt cabinet door latch.

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    No latch plate, but depending on your application, may be just a flat piece of steel. Or you can modify an old brass strike plate. Heavy duty cast iron with no rot minor rust.

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    This is a Corbin cast iron deadbolt lock. It does not require a key. The latch for the deadbolt has a little rust inside, but it moves freely.